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Trying to answer the questions and demands of our dear clients, in this article we will try to provide you with all the information about Golubovci airport in Podgorica. First of all, where it is located, and how to get to it. The airport is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro, in Zeta Plain. In fact, this is the only flat area around Podgorica where the airport could be built. His other name by which he is known, “Golubovci Airport”, originates from the fact that the airport geographically belongs to the city municipality of Golubovci. Exact geographical coordinates are: Latitude: 42° 21' 20.39" N, Longitude: 19° 15' 4.20" E. Its distance from the main city square is about 12 kilometers.

How to get to the airport from the town? When talking about the transport from the city to the airport, the only option is a taxi, if you do not have private transportation. Unfortunately, there is no any form of organized shuttle transfer. There is a possibility to travel by train, but it is not really convenient. First, you have to catch a local taxi to get to the train station. You need to take a train heading in the direction of Bar City, but note the following. The "Aerodrom" train station servs only local trains, not fast or business lines. If you are with a luggage, or it is bad weather, just to know that you are located about two kilometers from the terminal, when exit the train.


First Steps of The Airport


The first plane that landed in Podgorica was an experimental flight provided in 1928. At that time, the airline's runway was grassy, and the airport was located at the place where the city settlement "Stari Aerodrom" is today. Regular lines were maintained until the start of World War II. After that, in 1947th, regular air traffic was re-established. With the development and expansion of the city, it was necessary to move the airport to another location. It was done in 1961st, and since then it is located in the Zeta Plain, south of the city.

Completely renovated in 1977th it becomes a modern airport with an increasing number of flights. For the whole time, he was the part of the former Yugoslavian company, Yugoslav Aero Transport (JAT). In 2003 there was a change of ownership, and went over to the authority of the Montenegrin government. In May 2006 a new passenger terminal was opened. A completely new building was built right next to the old one. A very modern construction with all accompanying amenities was proclaimed as the best small airport in Europe in 2007th. The old building is also renovated, and is mainly used for VIP reception.


Air Companies and Destinations


Speaking about the airport of Podgorica, we need to say which airline companies are flying and which destinations are covered. Just to mention, Montenegro is an attractive tourist destination, and there are many seasonal flights. They start from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Montenegro Airlines is the national airline, which operates the largest number of flights, and covers the largest number of destinations. Foreign companies which have a flight to Podgorica are: Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Lot Polish Airlines, Wizz Air, Ryanair, TUI Belgium, Enter Air, Rossiya Airlines and some other seasonal companies.  

As we said, the most of the flights are performed by a national carrier. Together with other operators it offers great opportunities. You can fly to a large number of European destinations. Due to the traditional connection with Serbia, Belgrade is the most frequented destination, with at least five flights a day. Other cities with direct flights are: Vienna, Istanbul, Rome, London, Brussels, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan, Milan, Moscow, Barcelona, Budapest and some seasonal destinations. 


Contact Details


At the airport there is an info desk, which works from opening to closing the building. Info desk is staffed by English language personal, and they will give the best to help you in any situation. You can contact them on the number: +382 (0)20 444 244. If you need to send a fax, you can do it on the following number: +382 (0)20 444 221. If you want to send an email and ask any information about airport Golubovci in Podgorica use one of this emails:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Unforeseen things on the trip can always happen to anyone. One of them, which is every passenger's nightmare, is the loss of luggage. If you would like to contact the lost and found office at the airport Podgorica and to ask about your luggage, please use this number: +382 20 444 246. Office hours are from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

If you are traveling with high value items, contact the customs office at the airport. Ask are your material items are subject to customs duties. You can contact them at +382(0)20 653 073 or +382(0)67 278 005. You need to pay special attention to gold jewelry and expensive technical gadgets. Also be careful with the amount of cash in hand. The amount may not exceed ten thousand euros.


Airport Facilities


In the airport lounge (an uncontrolled area) you have the essentials at your disposal. The airport café, where you can get coffee, juices and sandwiches, is centrally located between the incoming and outgoing gate. It works on a self-service basis; waiters do not come to the tables to serve you.

Two kiosks for cigarettes, newspapers and refreshments are located left and right at the end of the building. You can also buy Montenegrin sim cards here. During the season you have very cheap international call packages and a large amount of internet available. In order to buy a sim card, you must show your passport or ID card.

There is only one ATM, if you need to take a cash. Of course, ATM will give you the Euros, official currency in Montenegro. Podgorica Airport information desk is right at the middle of the building, and it works until the last flight departure.  Several car rental agencies are located on the incoming gateway, and you can rent different types of cars. The tourist info desk is also located on the incoming gate.


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