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Transportation by our taxi from airport Podgorica to Dubrovnik is comfort and safe mode of traveling, at a very compatible price. Do not waste your time in hot Montenegrin summer or rainy winter, book online your taxi Podgorica airport to Dubrovnik service at the fixed price of 170 € for an entire cab.

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Make reservation online without paying in advance! Yes, you read it right, you will make a payment of your transportation from airport Podgorica to Dubrovnik only when you arrived at desired address. Also, booked trip can be canceled without any money expenditures, just let us know that you have changed plans. if any issue cause delay of your plane, your cheap taxi transfer from airport Podgorica to Dubrovnik will cost also 170 € because waiting is free of charge. Our service is available non-stop, you can send a request or call us whenever you want.

Taxi Podgorica airport – Dubrovnik is the most pleasant experience you can get. Longtime professional drivers with their Mercedes and Passat cabs will make your journey smooth and at the first place very safe. Do not worry about how to find your vehicle, driver is waiting for you at your passage holding agreed sign of recognition. Depending on traffic situation, taxi ride from airport Podgorica to Dubrovnik city will take close to three hours.

Recognized as the most famous Balkan tourist city Dubrovnik airport is the busiest during summer season. That is the main reason for a very big number of requests for a taxi from Podgorica to airport Dubrovnik - Cilipi. Many low cost operators which fly from/to Cilipi also contribute to a large number of transfers. Transportation by bus from Podgorica to airport Dubrovnik is very limited, and not really practical. Several border crossings and often big queue for passport control you can simply avoid if you book taxi transport directly from airport Podgorica or city area to Dubrovnik town or airport with proven professionals.


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